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Premium AR4S-0110


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Round Roll Bendmak CYL-ST 170-20/6


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Bendmak PRO-55

New 72.000 SEK 

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Bending machine Schechtl MABO-200

Used 28.000 SEK 

Bending machine Schechtl MABO-200 x 1,25mm
Motorized and with adjustable angle.   More information
Sheet metal machine Hoan CHE 12 / 4

Used 38.000 SEK 

Used sheet metal machine Hoan CHE 12 /4
Capacity. 1200x4mm   More information
Br. Wikstrom profile.


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Pressbrake KS 40x1320

New 132.000 SEK 

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New PROFI Universal press HB-28

New 125.000 SEK 

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Hidroliksan ironworker HDK-40

New 62.000 SEK 

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Hidroliksan Ironworker HDK-60

New 82.000 SEK 

New Hidroliksan ironworker HDK-60

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Reedbuck with tools.

Used 16.000 SEK 

Reedbuck with Tools.   More information
Sheet metal machine KS 2500x6mm

New 185.000 SEK 

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Sheet metal machine KS1250x3,5mm

New 95.000 SEK 

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Br Wikström 30 ton

Used 42.000 SEK 

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Kantpress Hidroliksan 60T

New 155.000 SEK 

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Hidroliksan ironworker HDK-45

New 72.000 SEK 

New Hidroliksan ironworker HDK-45   More information
Bendmak PRO 30

New 28.000 SEK 

New Bendmak PRO 30   More information
Bendmak PRO 40

New 39.000 SEK 

New Bendmak PRO 40   More information