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CNC-lathe Nakamura TMC-17 with Fanuc 0T B


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CNC-lathe DYNA DM 3300


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CNC-lathe Tornado A-50


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Machinecenter Trident TR-56S

Used 495.000 SEK 

Machinecenter Trident TR-56A with swingpallet.

Spec. Pic. 2
The machine is in top condition.
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Teach in lathe Pinacho Taurus 260 with Fagor.


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Horizontel machinecenter Quaser MK603H


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CNC-Mill TOS FGS-40 NC with Heidenhain TNC-155

Used 55.000 SEK 

A big CNC-mill TOS FGS-40 NC with Heidenhain TNC-155   More information
Machinecenter Okuma

Used 55.000 SEK
Price cut 35.000 SEK

Machinecenter Okuma 4vs-nc
x y z = 820x410x450
ISO 50
22 kva
5500 kilo
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Iemca in nice condition

Used 55.000 SEK 

Model 65/44 Auto   More information